Predicting the response of woody plants to climate by 2055

The ongoing climate change is likely to continue in the near future and will significantly affect the growth conditions of forest stands in the Czech Republic. The main climate scenarios for the Czech Republic until 2050 expect a continued warming trend of 1.0-1.4 °C, possibly including a decrease in growing season precipitation and an increase in winter precipitation. This might initiate two processes with opposing consequences for the growth conditions of forests. Warming in spring and autumn is likely to prolong the growing season, which may have a positive effect on the width of the annual rings. Conversely, the increasing intensity of summer drought may slow the rate of radial growth due to increased canopy transpiration and limited stem water content. The maps show changes in the intensity of growth reductions, growth trends, and the main climatic limiting factors expected if climate scenarios are met by 2050.

Translation of the aplication is in progress.